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DIY Strawberry Lip Balm Easy Guide for Soft, Sweet Lips


Ever thought about making your lip balm? This guide is here to show you how to create a sweet Strawberry Lip Balm at home. It’s simple, fun, and brings a smile to your lips with natural goodness.

DIY Lip Balm Fun:

Store-bought lip balms contain a lot of ingredients that we can’t even pronounce. Creating your own lets you choose what’s included And it feels more personal.

necessary ingredients:

Beeswax Pellets (1 tbsp)
Shea butter (1 tablespoon)
Coconut Oil (2 tbsp)
Sweet Almond Oil (1 tbsp)
Freshly packed strawberries (2-3 strawberries or 1 tablespoon freeze-dried.

1.Beeswax Pellets (1 tablespoon):

Beeswax pellets are like the magic ingredient in strawberry lip balm. They ensure that the balm is not too sticky, so it adheres well to your lips.

Beeswax also helps in keeping your lips moisturized and prevent them from drying out completely. It’s like a superhero shield for your lips.So, when you use strawberry lip balm, just know that beeswax is the secret to making your lips sweet and soft.

2.Shea butter (1 tablespoon)

Let’s talk about the shea butter in your strawberry lip balm — it’s like a superhero for your lips.Just one tablespoon of it makes your lips very happy. Shea butter is like a cozy hug for your lips, leaving them soft and comfortable.

It’s like magic as it prevents your lips from drying out and also helps if they are a little sore. Think of it as a shield that keeps all the good stuff in your lip balm and Makes it extra amazing. So, when you use strawberry lip balm, thank the shea butter for leaving your lips luxurious, soft and ready for the sweetness of strawberries.

3.Coconut Oil (2 tbsp):

Think of Coconut Oil in Strawberry Lip Balm as a tropical hug for your lips. With 2 spoonfuls of coconut magic, it makes your lips super soft and happy. It’s like a mini vacation for your lips, keeping them feeling fantastic and full of sweetness.

4.Sweet Almond Oil (1 tablespoon):

Light and rich in vitamins, which does wonders to your lips.

5.Fresh or freeze-dried strawberries (2-3 strawberries or 1 tablespoon of freeze-dried powder):

Adds sweetness and a little color while keeping your lips healthy.

6.Vitamin E oil (a few drops):

Keeps your lip balm fresh and adds some extra goodness to your skin.

7.Optional: Strawberry Flavor Oil:

This can make your lip balm smell even more delicious if you like.

Getting Ready – Simple Steps:

Gathering Ingredients:

Get all the stuff you need. Make sure your strawberries are fresh and clean if you’re using them fresh.

Melting the Mix:

Mix everything in a bowl and heat it until it’s a smooth liquid. You can use a bowl in the microwave or a double boiler.

Adding Strawberry Goodness:

Put in mashed fresh strawberries or freeze-dried strawberry powder. Stir it well so everything mixes up nicely.

Let It Sit: Leave it to simmer for a bit. This lets the strawberries share their goodness with your lip balm. Stir it now and then to keep it all mixed.

Vitamin E and Flavor Fun:

Drop in some vitamin E oil to keep your lip balm fresh for longer. If you want a stronger strawberry smell, add a few drops of optional strawberry flavor oil.

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Fill Up Your Containers:

While the mix is still liquid, pour it into your lip balm containers or small jars. Move quickly so it doesn’t turn solid too fast.

Cool and Set:

Let your lip balm cool down and set for about an hour. Speed things up by putting the containers in the fridge.

Add Your Special Touch: Once it’s all set, make it even more yours by adding creative labels. This step makes it unique and great for giving as a gift.

In Conclusion –

Enjoy Your Soft Lips: Now that you’ve made your Sweet Strawberry Lip Balm, have fun using it. Feel the joy of creating something for yourself. Let your lips enjoy the natural goodness, and smile with your happy, pampered pout. Happy crafting.


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