312 New Covid Cases In 24 Hours, 280 In Kerala today uptet

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Kerala has more COVID cases while countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia are also seeing more cases. There’s a new version of Omicron called JN.1 in Kerala, but experts say we don’t need to be too worried. They just want to keep watching the situation

India reported 312 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, most of them from Kerala, which has seen a high number of cases recently. The cases were detected through 17,605 tests conducted in the last 24 hours.

Doctor Rajiv Jayadevan, who is helping in Covid, said that the disease is not very bad. He believes more people are getting sick in Kerala due to travel from places with a high number of cases.

He also mentioned that they need to check for this thing called JN.1, which the WHO says is a type of omicron that can spread easily Or can escape the protection of our body.

COVID Cases in India current

On Thursday, India had 237 new coronavirus cases, making the total infections 4.5 crore (4,50,03,830). Active cases went up to 1,185, and the total deaths reached 5,33,309. This info was updated by the health ministry at 8 am. The number of people who got better is 4,44,69,336, and the recovery rate is 98.81 percent, as mentioned on the health ministry’s website.

On Wednesday, India had 252 new COVID cases, the most since June 2. Active cases are now 1,091. The total cases in the country are 4.5 crore (4,50,03,593), with 5,33,308 recorded deaths. The number of people who got better is 4,44,69,194, and the recovery rate is 98.81 percent. The case fatality rate is 1.19 percent.


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